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Asian Driving School Road Test and Drive Time Price


Dps Road Test price / Pick up and drop off  available
Basic Road Test $60
Practice Road Test $40
Use our car for road Test $25
Prime road test (Practice Test And Road Test together) $100
For road test, pickup & drop off $20 (Irving City only)
Hourly rates (Free pickup & drop-off)
1 hour driving lesson $45
1½ hour driving lesson $70
2 hour driving lesson $80
If you already know how to drive and still don’t feel quite prepared for the road test at the DPS, this 1 lesson course from our Asian Driving School is a good choice for you! The instructor will focus the lessons on what is expected when you attempt the Road Test, take you there, and allow you to use the school’s car for the test.
Basic Package Deal (Free pickup & drop-off)
3 Two-Hour Driving Lesson + use our car for road test $280
4 Two-Hour Driving Lesson +Road Test fee+ use our car for road test $380
Whether you are a driver with LIMITED driving experience, or a brand-new driver and have the ability to practice between lessons, this may be the Asian driving lesson package for you! Our Irving Texas licensed, in-car instructors teach students of 15 years old with permit the techniques and defensive driving strategies needed in order to handle today’s highway conditions. You will practice controlling the car, steering, parking, proper use of mirrors, and more. This course consists of 3 individualized behind the wheel driving lessons. Ask about upgrading to 10-hours.
Extra Package Deal (Free pickup & dropoff)
5 Two-Hour Driving Lesson (10 hrs)+use our car for road test $440
5 Two-Hour Driving Lesson (10 hrs)+Road Test+use our car for road test $500
If you have NO supervised practice, and lack someone to practice with, or have limited time to practice between lessons, this course is designed to help you. The Irving, Texas licensed instructor from Asian Driving School will evaluate your skills, and build on what you know. This course includes highway driving practice, road test preparation and many more. If you’re looking for comprehensive driver’s training, then this course of 5 individualized lessons is for you!
Advance Package Deal (Free pickup & dropoff)
6 Two-Hour Driving Lesson (12 hrs) + use our car for road test $520
6 Two-Hour Driving Lesson (12 hrs)+Road Test Fee + use our car for road test $580